Six Nations Games

Why don’t you come to our pub with friends or family to watch the Six Nations? We will be showing all the fixtures featured in this schedule in our communal room. Alternatively, you can hire one of our four private rooms upstairs for up to 12 guests.

With our special Pie & a Pint for £13.50, we have made it easy for you so you can relax and enjoy your favourite game without any hassle.

You can walk in or, if you’d like to reserve your private screening, call us on 01245 408 820 or email



Round one

Wales vs Scotland: February 3, 2.15pm, Cardiff, BBC
France vs Ireland: February 3, 4.45pm, Paris, BBC
Italy vs England: February 4, 3pm, Rome, ITV

Round two

Ireland vs Italy: February 10, 2.15pm, Dublin, ITV
England vs Wales: February 10, 4.45pm, London, ITV
Scotland vs France: February 11, 3pm, Edinburgh, BBC

Round three

Frances vs Italy: February 23, 8pm, Marseille, ITV
Ireland vs Wales: February 24, 2.15pm, Dublin, BBC
Scotland vs England: February 24, 4.45pm, Edinburgh, BBC

Round four

Ireland vs Scotland: March 10, 2.15pm, Dublin, ITV
France vs England: March 10, 4:45pm, Paris, BBC
Wales vs Italy: March 11, 3pm, Cardiff, BBC

Round five

Italy vs Scotland: March 17, 12.30pm, Rome, ITV
England vs Ireland: March 17, 2.45pm, London, ITV
Wales vs France: March 17, 5pm, Cardiff, BBC