Refurbishment Progress

Posted: 10/08/2016 in Galvin Blog
Refurbishment Progress at The Green Man a local pub in Essex Galvin Green Man
Refurbishment Progress, Galvin Green Man to become their new local pub Refurbishment Progress, Galvin Green Man to become their new local pub We are about half way the refurb of the pub and building of the dining room now. All brick work is done incl. 2 fabulous chimneys in the dining room. All oak beams have been lovingly restored incl. 1 which has been identified as being 1000 yrs. old (compare to something that happened 1000 yrs. ago in England).

The cellar is looking huge but it has to hold 40 casks & barrels of craft beer.

Our communal table in the pub is currently being handmade in Staffordshire.

The 3 chimneys in the pub area have been swept and checked for safe use.

The view from upstairs towards the river Chelmer is looking great.

We have the key members on board & currently on training. The chefs are working on finalising the menu. Because, as we are meeting more local suppliers, dishes are changing accordingly.

We are currently hiring for the rest of the team and hoping to find some great passionate people to join our team. More info

Beaulieu Summer Fete

On Sunday 17 July we had the pleasure to go to the Beaulieu Summer Fete to meet the residents of the new & existing Beaulieu Development. We've met lots of members of the community and it's great to see how excited they are for The Green Man to become their new local pub.

Refurbishment Progress

Refurbishment Progress